A.J.Palma Curriculum Vitae
Pilar do Sul, Sorocaba & Região, SP, Brasil
03/05/17 14:27

Professional Journalist, IT Specialist, Full Master in Business Administration
PT, EN, SP, Multifunctional & Multitasking Professional.
External provider of online & offline, local and remote services.

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CV - Agustin "Gus" Jordan Palma - PT-EN-SP

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I.- Individual Details

• Local: Pilar do Sul, Sorocaba & Region, State of São Paulo - Brazil.

• Nationality: double (Argentinean and Peruvian).

• Brazilian Status: Resident Permanent Visa, RNE, MTB Pro-Journalist, Registered Company (CNPJ), CPF, PIS-PASEP and others.

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TARGET: Provide locally & remote, online & offline, Multifunctional & Multitasking Professional services, as PARTNER or CONTRACTED PROFESSIONAL or HIRED THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDER (LLC/CNPJ) to help develop profitable projects or improve businesses, reducing costs and increasing sales.

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II.-Professional Background

From September 2011 and continues – Corporative Mktg & Mgmt Services Provider - Pilar do Sul, SP, Brasil:

Registered Brazilian Company Owner providing a wide range of Corporative Management services such as: operational support for International trading & business development; quality auditing as Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM) and Mystery Shopping (MS); turnaround; sales & operational planning; logistics and reverse logistics; support for permanent productivity programs such as PDCA, DMAIC and 6 SIGMA; marketing services as planning, social media, web editing, digital marketing, internal marketing, e-mail marketing, direct marketing, etc., and other specific services for which English and Spanish are required, in instance: international market prospection, purveyors procurement, negotiation and homologation; online business meetings and negotiations, client and enterprise resource management, social net pages feeds, promotional web-pages and ads at my mobile friendly business Portal www.oficinadenegocios.com  and more.

From June 2004 until September 2011 - Intl Trading Business Partner - Sorocaba + Webmaster - Pilar do Sul, SP, Brasil:

General management of imports and exports: covering from the collection of customer’s requirements including searching, negotiation, approval and pre-screening of international suppliers in the US, Asia-Africa matching the requested product profile and target price; Search, negotiation and contracting of international service providers  for each international import and export operation; obtaining quotes; performance reports, billing; management of services provided by customs agents, customs clearance, transport and insurance, etc. Quality control of import and export processes, of the contracted services and involved documents (pro forma invoice, quotes, purchase orders, AWB, insurance, etc.). Orientation to foreigner companies about customs legislation, tariffs, classification, Incoterms. Cost calculation of  imported or exported goods (Landed Costs). Management of suppliers via e-mail, messengers, fax, telephone or radio. Staff training of newcomers. Company's representation in international events. Local and international business Marketing. Windows LAN Management with WiFi and broadband; technical support to users. Development of internal working methods (database, regulatory, check lists, internal control routines, etc) for import/export.  Creation, maintenance and publication of web pages, newsletters, advertising notices and purchasing requests in Internet international portals for international trading.

From April /2003 until may 2004 Intl Business Support in Sorocaba, SP, Brasil:

Self Employed professional: Consultant working for-Sebrae, Business Support, Technical Journalist & Webmaster. Implementation of business plan for.Re-engineering -developed by University of Sorocaba (Uniso) within two companies. Creation and monitoring of 5 Sector Groups involving 130 companies and quick creation of two more groups in only nine months, which meant the attainment of motivational lectures, workshops of diagnosis, planning and execution for each individual case of the 130 companies involved. (Project of FACESP, SEBRAE with ACSO Partnership). Design of Web sites in my www.oficinadenegocios.com portal for local companies with specific guidance and assessment on the profitable use of this channel for advertising and sales.

| 07/2003 | 08/2003 | 09/2003 | 10/2003 | 03/2004 |

O Consultor em ação - 2003/2004 - Sorocaba, SP, Brasil

O Consultor em ação - 2003/2004 - Sorocaba, SP, Brasil

O Consultor em ação - Sorocaba, SP, Brasil - 06/2003 - 03/2004

O Consultor em ação - 2003/2004 - Sorocaba, SP, Brasil


From Sept/2000 until march/2003 Racons Intl Business Support in Petrópolis, RJ, Brasil.

International business support & Webmaster: Participation in events (seminars, lectures, courses, etc), contacts with local Government, NGOs, micro and small enterprises. Adaptation of my professional services to local needs. Development of Site Petropolis in Spanish to encourage tourism and investment for Petropolis. Sales of own products and services in my network of sites in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Actions of international trading involving Brazil-Argentina with local partners. Buy and Sale of companies. Business Spanish course teaching in the Centre of Culture. Computer and Internet teacher at Senac- Petropolis. Production of contents about Internet Computing sent weekly to an Argentinean newspaper. Writing and distribution of content via Newsletter subscriber list

From 1998 until Aug/2000 - R.A. Consultors  – Tailored Solutions, Provínce of Buenos Aires, based in Junín, Argentina

Consulting, outsourcing for telecommunications businesses as Support consultant for cable TV, cellular, Radio Paging, Trunking, Rural Telephony), real estate and others: Opening of Regional branch offices. Training and building of commercial groups and new products launching. Advertising campaigns. Design of Strategic Plans (SWOT), options and development. Image processing. Designing of logos, brochures, product presentations, newsletter, house organ, web sites, banners, etc. Monitoring of imports. Tele-management of receivables, sales promotion, customer care, telemarketing etc. Confidential Data Base Processing. PC Mounting and configuring in Net and stand alone.. Installation of W95/98/2000, Office 97, Modem - Fax, E-Mail / Internet ,VoIP, scanners, printers, etc. Design and Installation of 10 Base 2 and 10 Base T local nets. Local and remote user support. Web site designing including online customer service (written and voice chat).. Site monitoring and optimization.. Production of contents about Internet Computing sent weekly to an Argentinean newspaper.. Radio speaker for a weekly Saturday program regarding computing news and trends.

From 1995 until 1997 - Telefonica Comunicaciones Personales S.A. (mobile), Junín (Prov. Bs. As.), Argentina

Regional Manager. Deployment and management of Junín Region in the Northern of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina which included: personnel recruiting, daily management of work teams in the following areas: Personnel Direct Sales, Corporate Direct Sales, Corporate Administration, Customer service, Marketing and technical service, Post sales service, top ranked in 1996 due to the smallest percentage of complaints, in addition to have the lowest monthly spending among all regions, obtaining the title of "The most efficient and productive Regional Manager during 1996"


From 1993 to 1994 – Textile Industries Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Team Leader of project and technical support. Leadership of organizational change. Survey data, Diagnostics, design of computerized processes with or without parts, definitions for programming, development of standards, processes, forms, reports, training, deployment and follow-up. Evaluation, installation, diagnosis, servicing & software installation and PC configuration, hardware installation of IDEA cards to communicate PC with AS400, PC update, performance optimization of teams. Adequate the Gane-Sarson methodology for internal use aiming to reduce time of development and maintenance.

From 1992 to 1995 – Tailored PC – Consultants in Computing and Small sized business, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Self employed professional: technical support, Functional Analyst and management consultant. Mounting and configuring PCs, error diagnosis, repairing, upgrading, installation of hard and soft; configuration and optimization. Teaching of OS Windows, filing and use of information, process reengineering, i marketing of PC and networks. Attention of English-speaking Chinese suppliers; clients support, promoting, selling, billing.

From 1988 to 1992 – BIBA Bank,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Systems and communications Manager Cost control, quality of communication hired  services (central computing Center with branches) and centralized data processing (IBM 4381); project analyses. PC installation and maintenance of 10 base 2 networks in 54 bank branches; Running User help desk, supervision of the technical staff (central with branches). Attention of telephony service providers and office machines. Design and maintenance of systems, rules and forms. Responsible for inventory, organization and operation of computer goods depots and offices. Funcional supervision of 3 teams of programmers for the development and updating of Current Account systems. savings, fixed term deposits; designing of standards, user support, , planning, control and coordination of implementation of new operational systems for PC, IBM 4700/4381; General supervision of the Bureau (9 people in 3 shifts), providing service to Headquarters and 54 branches in full operation. Project control.

1988 – French Bank, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Functional Analyst. Bank representative for the implementation of DATACASH (electronic bank wholesaler) system. Detailed definitions for programmers, quality control, establishment of standards, training and service to users;  maintenance of  billing and payments systems, Automatic Payment services; Current accounts

1987 - R&D, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Information technology Project leader and Methodological Standards. Drafting basic standards; and specific methodological and Standards  for developing applications with DB Datacom and Ideal 4GL language; tests of generation of logical databases and their correspondence to physical databases (IBM 43XX) and designing of usage manual; collection of data from the HR system from the Provincial Government of Santa Fe and generation of the logic database

1986 – 1987 - P&A,Business Consultants Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project leader - Information technology. Elaboration of projects for computing service carrier for data banks. Including: design and supervision of programming, testing and Fixed Term Deposits system implementation and also implementation of several systems on the network Poppy-Durango (Xenix OS). Organizational and operational data collection; diagnostic elaboration and global reorganization proposal.

1986 – Electrical Industries of Quilmes (Ericsson Group-Sweden), Buenos Aires, Argentina

It and organization Manager. Leadership of organizational change: functional and operational data collection; for tailoring Map systems and determining information needs pending; systems design, Committee processes, prioritizing outstanding needs from business objectives; full reorganization of the managed area, definition of structured Programming Methodology and Analysis; determining training needs, preparation and implementation timelines; participation in implementing Total quality program; supervision of groups of analysts and programmers in developing and implementing systems (costs, inventory, payroll, accounting, sales) on HP3000/39-HP150PC. Development of optical fiber lab profile with HP teams.

1983 – 1986 - Alpargatas S.A.I.C. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Information technology Project leader. Leadership of organizational change. Application development and maintenance: production Control of finished products (presented in the Usuaria Congress 85); Planning: production of Supplies; Purchases; Bank reconciliations, financial budget and others. Functional supervision of 3 groups of analysts and-programmers, evidence control, establishment of standards, training of users in place (Florencio Varela, Santa Rosa y Tucumán) and help desk running. Survey data and diagnosis of organizational finance and operating-Treasury. Systems audit (warehouses)

1983 - Banco Palmares, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Systems analyst. General design of structured application costs and budgets, and integration with Accounting relational base (Total) with 4GL language (Mantis)..

1980 – 1983 Jordan & Associates – Business Consultants, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Executive Director. Development of applications for several clients. Consultant in organization and systems to groups and entrepreneurs (Via Valrossa, Kuropa and several wholesalers). Leadership of organizational change, improvement of operational processes in clients

1979 – 1980 - Gurmendi, - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Systems analyst. System design of billing and sales systems; survey of operational data on Plant G Grasso and Central plant; data modeling required for database.

1976 – 1979 - Via Valrossa - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Manager of Organization & methods and informatics. Development and deployment of multiple systems in example the Sales tracking; integral construction supervision and Systems Area and development of methodology for qualifying systems projects according to prioritized targets by business/area; Standard definition (form and content); design, construction, visual control frames; development and maintenance of systems.

1969 – 1974 - Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje y Trabajo Industrial (SENATI) - Lima, Peru

Analyst of Organization and methods to the National Director (73-74). Position won on thesis defense. Drawing standards and administrative procedures to be deployed in the regional training Centers.
Assistant to the Director of training Programs in the Central region (69-72).
Implementation of activities to support the operation of the direction of the training center in relation to each learning group. Preparation of information for the national direction. Supervision of typewriters pool tasks. Preparation for special events and activities

1966 - 1969 -G.H. Studer - Consultores, membros de Horwath & Horwath International Associates (HHIA) - Lima, Peru

External Auditor responsible for Costs and Personal control. Implementation of operational audit and accounting programs on clients. Calculation of costs per client and operation of current accounts. Construction of Standard of operation; maintenance of current accounts for time and personnel control.


III.- Professional Memberships

Founding Member of the Argentinian Professional Council in Computational Science
Registration number 386.

Professional Journalist - MTB Registration number 37705

Professional Qualification granted by the MTB (Ministério de Trabalho do Brasil) after examining and evaluating diplomas, certificates and professional journalistic background including the e-zine contents production and the www.oficinadenegocios.com webmastering job since 1996.

Jornalista Profissional - Periodista Profesional - Professional Jornalist


IV.- Educator Background

2002 - Senac - Petropolis,RJ., Brasil

Professor of Micro computing: (position obtained in public contest). Teaching of various relevant applications platforms Windows 9 x, 2000, and Office 2002XP, Internet: basic design of web pages, voice chat, video chat, instant messaging, browsing, etc.  Preparation of teaching materials and tests. Teacher Computing training in Informatics.

1979 – 1995 Institutes for Computing Learning (IAC, Generación 2000, IC Plaza Salguero, e outros). - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Teacher and Instructor of Micro-computing. Teaching of various relevant applications of platforms under DOS and Windows  (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, BFaxWin, NDW, Qpro, Corel; DBase III for DOS: Bitcom, Lotus, Norton, Word, etc). Design of seminars, PC Optimization and Diagnostics. Design of courses and training material. Class planning and development. Educators computer training

1987 – Computing Argentinean Commission - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Administrative and Pedagogical Auditor. Quality control of teaching computer courses and BAS (from the operation of the franchise). Design and implementation of standards, procedures and forms for pedagogical and administrative control in branch offices. Survey of operating data in the array, map design, systems and processes summaries making diagnosis (with proposal for restructuring of tasks).


IV.- Publishing


Web Editor to the web Portal www.oficinadenegocios.com and daily social nets page manager.


"Synergy in Innovation: The agents interaction in the development of local productive and innovative conglomerates " (Petropolis – RJ). Final presentation of Post Graduated Lato Sensu Course of Technological Innovation – Specialist (Catholic University of Petropolis RJ in partnership with LNCC & Sebrae) 2003.

Editor of Weekly Page in Computing and Communications (Junin – Buenos Aires-Argentina) for Journal “La Verdad, Commercial Guide” and e-mailed Weekly Newsletter for subscribers about technological developments and world trends in computing and telecommunications since June/1999 to 2003.

Weekly Journal Lugano (Buenos Aires). Articles about computing trends published during 1994 and 1995.

Finished product mgmt control system (Bs As). Management Industrial Control system for finished products developed for 4300 / 8100 IBM mainframes. Published in the annals of the III National Congress in Informatics and telecommunications (Sheraton Buenos Aires – Argentina May of 1985).

Training Courses Exercises (Buenos Aires and Lima). Developed for student use in the several institutes for Computer Training in Buenos Aires and developed for student use in the SENATI, Lima PE, from 1969 to 1974.


VI.-Participation in events

In Capital Federal & Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lecturer to the III National Congress of Informtics and Teleinformatics (Sheraton 5/85)

Participant to several congress and events related to the computing science.

Marketing event organizer and executer for several corportations related to the telecommunications sector.


VII.- Educational Background

  • Languages:
    English native style (read, spoken, written).
    Brazilian Portuguese, fluent
    (read, spoken, written)
  • Native Spanish fluent (read, spoken, written)


  • 2003 - Post Graduate Course: Specialist in Innovation and Technological Diffusing
    * LNCC-Sebrae-UCP

Petrópolis, RJ, Brasil

A 360 hours course by the Catholic University of Petropolis in partnership with the LNCC -Sebrae - Petropolis, RJ, BR with the presentation of the final research "Synergy in Innovation: The agents interaction in the development of local productive and innovative conglomerates ". Scholarship by Sebrae . Enables the bearer for university level teaching overall Brazil. (March 2002- June 2003)

Post Graduate Course - UCP/SEBRAE/LNCC, RJ, Brazil


  • 1974 - Full Master in Business Administration
    *Instituto para el Desarrollo de Empresarios en la Argentina (IDEA)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full Master in Business Administration (CPPU). Full Time Course developed and executed by the Administration Business School - Institute for Managerial Development in Argentina – IDEA – Buenos Aires, Argentina. Scholarship by the Ministerio of Education of Argentina. (1973-1974).

Master en Administración de Empresas (CPPU)

CPPU es solo otro nombre para el Master en Administración de Empresas (MAE)


  • 1970 - Business Administration
    *Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos de Lima

Lima, Perú

Bachelor in Business Administration - A five year period with 42 courses at the School of Economic Sciences. National University of Saint Marcus -Lima –Peru - Lima, Peru (1966 – 1970).

Administración de Empresas (Equivalente a Licenciado en Administración)


  • 1963 - HIGH SCHOOL
    * Abraham Lincoln y Saint Rose´s School

School: Saint Rose’s full time American Elemental & High School founded by the U.S. Maryknoll Missioners at Lima, Peru (1952 – 1963)

Diploma del Secundario Bilingue -  Orientación Comercial




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CV em Portugués
CV Português

CV en Español
CV Castellano

CV in english
CV English


Eventos, Cursos & Semi

Eventos, Cursos & Seminarios - Events, Courses & Seminars

CV - Agustin "Gus" Jordan Palma - PT-EN-SP

Portal - Oficina de Negocios - Portal

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